Call it what you want... "Emo", "Pop-punk", "Doom-pop", "Theatrical Rock"...  it's going to make you feel something.


2*Sweet was a band from Chicago from about 2005-2009. In 2008 they released a self-produced album called "Sleep Without Dreams". Unfortunately, it's hard to find much about them on the internet these days because they existed in the era of Myspace and you'd have to go pretty far down a Youtube rabbit hole to find them.


But alas, one fan is trying to resuscitate and repurpose this long-lost music for the theatrical stage!

Featured songs from the "Sleep Without Dreams" album include: "Miss You", "Bury Me In the Lovers Graveyard", and "Dateless for Armageddon", as well as two additional tracks from earlier recordings like

"To See About a Girl" and "To the Victims Go the Spoils".

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2*Sweet lyrics can be found HERE. Check out Spotify sampler and link to full Spotify above.

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